Index of types

bitstream [Pdfio]

The type of most-significant-bit-first bitstreams over inputs.

bitstream_position [Pdfio]

The type of a position within a bitstream

bitstream_write [Pdfio]

The type of most-significant-bit-first bitstreams for writing over outputs.

border [Pdfannot]

Annotation borders.

bytes [Pdfio]

The type of fast to access but possibly very large arrays of bytes.

calculator [Pdffun]
caml_bytes [Pdfio]

An alias to OCaml built-in bytes type.

cid_system_info [Pdftext]
cmap_encoding [Pdftext]
composite_CIDfont [Pdftext]
deferred_encryption [Pdf]
differences [Pdftext]
encoding [Pdftext]
encoding [Pdfcodec]

Supported encodings.

encryption [Pdfwrite]

The type of an encryption with certain user permissions.

encryption [Pdfcryptprimitives]

Types of encryption

encryption_method [Pdfwrite]

Encryption methods.

font [Pdftext]
fontdescriptor [Pdftext]
fontfile [Pdftext]
fontmetrics [Pdftext]
iccbased [Pdfspace]

ICC Based Colour Spaces

input [Pdfio]

An input.

interpolation [Pdffun]
labelstyle [Pdfpagelabels]

The type for page labels.

logger [Pdfe]

The type of loggers.

objectdata [Pdf]

This type represents a possibly-parsed, possibly-decrypted, possibly-read-from-an-object-stream object.

ocg [Pdfocg]
ocgappdict [Pdfocg]
ocgconfig [Pdfocg]
ocglistmode [Pdfocg]
ocgproperties [Pdfocg]
ocgstate [Pdfocg]
ocgusage [Pdfocg]
output [Pdfio]

An output.

pdf_fun_kind [Pdffun]
pdfobject [Pdf]

PDF objects.

pdfobjects [Pdf]

The objects.

pdfobjmap [Pdf]

The object map maps object numbers pdfobjmap_key to a reference to the object data and the generation number

pdfobjmap_key [Pdf]
permission [Pdfcrypt]
pixel_layout [Pdfimage]
point [Pdfspace]

A Tristimulus Point

predictor [Pdfcodec]


rotation [Pdfpage]

The type of the four rotations of pages.

sampled [Pdffun]
saved_encryption [Pdf]
simple_font [Pdftext]
simple_fonttype [Pdftext]
standard_font [Pdftext]
stitching [Pdffun]
stream [Pdf]

A stream is either in memory, or at a position and of a length in an Pdfio.input.

style [Pdfannot]

Border styles

subtype [Pdfannot]

Annotation types

t [Pdfdate]

The type of a date.

t [Pdfimage]
t [Pdfspace]

Colour spaces

t [Pdffun]

The type of functions.

t [Pdfannot]


t [Pdfpage]

A type representing a page.

t [Pdfpagelabels]
t [Pdfmarks]

The type of bookmarks.

t [Pdfdest]

Destinations (and actions)

t [Pdfops]

A flat representation of the PDF graphics stream operators.

t [Pdfgenlex]

To avoid too much storage allocation (and hence garbage collection), we use the same data type for this very basic lexing module as for the main lexing in Pdfread.

t [Pdf]

A Pdf document.

t [Pdfpaper]

A paper size consists of its unit, width and height.

t [Pdfunits]

The type of units

targetpage [Pdfdest]

The target of a destination is either a page object in the same PDF (given by object number of page object), or a page number in an external file.

text_extractor [Pdftext]

The type of text extractors.

toget [Pdf]
transform [Pdftransform]

A list of transformations, the first at the end of the list (thus, to append another transformation, just cons to the beginning.)

transform_matrix [Pdftransform]

A transformation matrix (first row a c e, second row b d f, third row 0 0 1)

transform_op [Pdftransform]

A single transformation operation.

tree [Pdfutil]

The type for binary trees.

type3_glpyhs [Pdftext]
vector [Pdfutil]

The type of vectors.