Module Pdfio

module Pdfio: sig .. end

Generic Input/Ouput from/to channels, strings, files etc.

type input = {
   pos_in : unit -> int;
   seek_in : int -> unit;
   input_char : unit -> char option;
   input_byte : unit -> int;
   in_channel_length : int;
   set_offset : int -> unit;
   caml_channel : Stdlib.in_channel option;
   source : string;

An input.

type output = {
   pos_out : unit -> int;
   seek_out : int -> unit;
   output_char : char -> unit;
   output_byte : int -> unit;
   output_string : string -> unit;
   out_caml_channel : Stdlib.out_channel option;
   out_channel_length : unit -> int;

An output.

val no_more : int

A distinguished byte value indicating "no more input"

type caml_bytes = bytes 

An alias to OCaml built-in bytes type.

type bytes 

The type of fast to access but possibly very large arrays of bytes.

Building inputs

val input_of_channel : ?source:string -> Stdlib.in_channel -> input

Make an input from an OCaml input channel.

val input_of_bytes : ?source:string -> bytes -> input

Make an input from a bytes.

val input_of_string : ?source:string -> string -> input

Make an input from a string.

Building outputs

val output_of_channel : Stdlib.out_channel -> output

Make an output from an OCaml channel

Building an input-output

An input-output in this context is an output of a bytes, whose content can be extracted to another bytes having been written. For example, one might use a write bitstream (see below), and then extract the result into a bytes

val input_output_of_bytes : int -> output * bytes Stdlib.ref

Build an input-ouput, with an initial buffer size.

val extract_bytes_from_input_output : output -> bytes Stdlib.ref -> bytes

Extract the contents of an input-output in bytes

Compound operations on inputs

val nudge : input -> unit

Move forward one byte

val rewind : input -> unit

Move backward one byte

val peek_char : input -> char option

Look at the next character without advancing the pointer.

val peek_byte : input -> int

Look at the next byte without advancing the pointer. Returns Pdfio.no_more for end of file.

val read_char_back : input -> char option

Read the previous character (if there is one), moving the pointer back one.

val read_line : input -> string

Read a line from an input in the manner of Pervasives.read_line.

val read_lines : input -> string list

Read all the lines in an input, in the manner of Pervasives.read_line.


val mkbytes : int -> bytes

Make bytes from a given size. Contents not initialized.

val bytes_size : bytes -> int

Size of bytes.

val fillbytes : int -> bytes -> unit

Fill bytes with a value

val print_bytes : bytes -> unit

Print bytes to standard output. Format undefined: for debug only.

val bget : bytes -> int -> int

Get the value at a position in a bytes

val bget_unsafe : bytes -> int -> int

Like bget, but with no range checking

val getinit : output -> bytes -> int -> int -> unit

getinit f s o l calls f on each s within o...l - 1

val bset : bytes -> int -> int -> unit

bset s n v sets the value n at position v in bytes

val bset_unsafe : bytes -> int -> int -> unit

Like bset but with no range checking

val setinit : input -> bytes -> int -> int -> unit

setinit i s o l sets s o...o + l - 1 from the input

val setinit_string : input -> caml_bytes -> int -> int -> unit

setinit_string i s o l sets s o...o + l - 1 from the input

val bytes_of_input : input -> int -> int -> bytes

setinit_bytes i o l gives a bytes with s o...o + l - 1 from the input

val bytes_of_string : string -> bytes

Make bytes from a string.

val bytes_of_caml_bytes : caml_bytes -> bytes

Make bytes from ocaml bytes.

val bytes_of_list : int list -> bytes

Make bytes from a list of integers, each between 0 and 255.

val bytes_of_charlist : char list -> bytes

Make bytes from a character list.

val bytes_of_arraylist : int array list -> bytes

Make bytes from a list of integer arrays.

val bytes_of_int_array : int array -> bytes

Make bytes from an integer array

val int_array_of_bytes : bytes -> int array

An integer array of bytes from bytes

val int_array_of_string : string -> int array

Integer array from a string

val string_of_int_arrays : int array list -> string

A string from a list of integer arrays

val string_of_int_array : int array -> string

A string from a single int array

val bytes_selfmap : (int -> int) -> bytes -> unit

Map bytes onto itself using a function on each byte

val string_of_bytes : bytes -> string

Make a string from a bytes. Fails if array is longer than String.max_length.

val charlist_of_bytes : bytes -> char list

Make a character list from a bytes

val copybytes : bytes -> bytes

Copy bytes.

val bytes_to_output_channel : Stdlib.out_channel -> bytes -> unit

Write a bytes to an output channel

val bytes_of_input_channel : Stdlib.in_channel -> bytes

Extract a bytes from an input or output.

Bit streams for reading

type bitstream 

The type of most-significant-bit-first bitstreams over inputs.

val bitbytes_of_input : input -> bitstream

Make a bitstream from an input.

type bitstream_position 

The type of a position within a bitstream

val bitstream_pos : bitstream -> bitstream_position

Get the current position. It's abstract, so can't be manipulated, but it can be used to return to a previous point

val bitstream_seek : bitstream -> bitstream_position -> unit

Seek to a position within a bitstream

val getbit : bitstream -> bool

Get a bit

val getbitint : bitstream -> int

Get a bit, but as an integer, 0 or 1.

val align : bitstream -> unit

Align the bitstream on a byte boundary

val getval_32 : bitstream -> int -> int32

Get up to 32 bits as a 32 bit value

val getval_31 : bitstream -> int -> int

Get up to 31 bits as a native integer

Bit streams for writing

type bitstream_write 

The type of most-significant-bit-first bitstreams for writing over outputs.

val make_write_bitstream : unit -> bitstream_write

Return a new write bistream.

val putbit : bitstream_write -> int -> unit

Put a single bit, 0 or 1.

val putval : bitstream_write -> int -> int32 -> unit

Put a multi-bit value (given as an int32) containing the given number of useful bits into a bitstream

val align_write : bitstream_write -> unit


val write_bitstream_append_aligned : bitstream_write -> bitstream_write -> bitstream_write

Append two write bitstreams, aligning at boundary

val bytes_of_write_bitstream : bitstream_write -> bytes

Build bytes from a write bitstream, padding the with zero-valued bits.


val debug_next_n_chars : int -> input -> unit

Debug the next n chars to standard output and then rewind back