Module Pdfpagelabels

module Pdfpagelabels: sig .. end

Page Labels

type labelstyle = 
| DecimalArabic
| UppercaseRoman
| LowercaseRoman
| UppercaseLetters
| LowercaseLetters
| NoLabelPrefixOnly

The type for page labels. The page labels of a document, if well-formed, are a list of ts where the startpage values are in increasing numerical order. The numerical page number for the page range is startvalue. The default labelstyle is DecimalArabic. The default labelprefix is the empty string.

For example, a document might have five pages of introduction with roman numerals, followed by the rest of the pages in decimal arabic, numbered from one:

For more details, see ISO 32000 12.4.2, but note that in our implementation, pages are 1-based not 0-based, just like PDF page numbers.

type t = {
   labelstyle : labelstyle;
   labelprefix : string option;
   startpage : int;
   startvalue : int;
val string_of_pagelabel : t -> string

Debug string of page label

val read : Pdf.t -> t list

Read the page labels from a document

val complete : t list -> t list

Return a list where every page has a label - pages which don't are given arabic page numbers

val pagelabel_of_pagenumber : int -> t list -> t

Single label representing a given page. Raises Not_found if no label.

val pagelabeltext_of_pagenumber : int -> t list -> string

Return the text for a page label. Raises Not_found if no label.

val add_label : int -> t list -> t -> int -> t list

Add a range starting at pagelabel.startpage, ending at the integer page given. The first integer argument is the number of pages in the PDF.

val coalesce : t list -> t list

Optimise page labels, removing any which are not required.

val merge_pagelabels : Pdf.t list -> int list list -> t list

Merge some page labels for some PDFs and page ranges.

val write : Pdf.t -> t list -> unit

Write page labels to a document, replacing any there. Any existing page labels are removed.

val remove : Pdf.t -> unit

Remove all page labels. Equivalent to an empty list given to write.