Module Pdfwrite

module Pdfwrite: sig .. end

Writing PDF Files

val write_debug : bool Stdlib.ref

When set to true, various pieces of information are printed to standard output when a PDF is written. On library startup, is false.

Encryption methods

type encryption_method = 
| PDF40bit
| PDF128bit
| AES128bit of bool
| AES256bit of bool
| AES256bitISO of bool
| AlreadyEncrypted

Encryption methods. The boolean for AES128bit, AES256bit and AES256BitISO indicates encryption of metadata or lack thereof. AlreadyEncrypted is used as a flag to prevent garbage collection internally by pdf_to_file_recrypting.

type encryption = {
   encryption_method : encryption_method;
   owner_password : string;
   user_password : string;
   permissions : Pdfcrypt.permission list;

The type of an encryption with certain user permissions.

Writing to outputs, channels and files.

val pdf_to_output : ?preserve_objstm:bool ->
?generate_objstm:bool ->
?compress_objstm:bool ->
?recrypt:string option ->
bool -> encryption option -> Pdf.t -> Pdfio.output -> unit

Write a PDF document to an Pdfio.output, optionally encrypting and/or linearizing. For now, linearization will not preserve object streams. If ?preserve_objstm is set (default is false), object streams which were in the original file will be preserved. If ?create_objstm is set (default is false), additional new object streams will be created. To re-encrypt the file using its existing encryption, provide the user or owner password in the ?recrypt argument. The unlabelled boolean argument is true if linearization is required.

val pdf_to_channel : ?preserve_objstm:bool ->
?generate_objstm:bool ->
?compress_objstm:bool ->
?recrypt:string option ->
bool ->
encryption option -> bool -> Pdf.t -> Stdlib.out_channel -> unit

As pdf_to_output but to an OCaml channel. If the second boolean is set, build a new /ID (don't set this for encrypted documents).

val pdf_to_file_options : ?preserve_objstm:bool ->
?generate_objstm:bool ->
?compress_objstm:bool ->
?recrypt:string option ->
bool -> encryption option -> bool -> Pdf.t -> string -> unit

As pdf_to_channel but to a named file.

val pdf_to_file : Pdf.t -> string -> unit

Simple write to given file name. Equivalent to pdf_to_file_options false None true

String of a PDF object

val string_of_pdf : Pdf.pdfobject -> string

Calculate a string of a pdf object. Due to OCaml's modest limit on string length, this should be used only when the length of the output is known to be limited (for example for debug purposes).

val debug_whole_pdf : Pdf.t -> unit

For debug, print out the PDFs objects to standard output.