Module Pdfpage

module Pdfpage: sig .. end

Page-level functionality

Page rotations

type rotation = 
| Rotate0
| Rotate90
| Rotate180
| Rotate270

The type of the four rotations of pages. This defines how a viewing application (e.g Acrobat) displays the page.

val int_of_rotation : rotation -> int

Utility function to convert from rotation to integers.

val rotation_of_int : int -> rotation

The reverse. raises Pdf.PDFError if its input modulo 360 is not 0, 90, 180 or 270.


type t = {
   content : Pdf.pdfobject list;
   mediabox : Pdf.pdfobject;
   resources : Pdf.pdfobject;
   rotate : rotation;
   rest : Pdf.pdfobject;

A type representing a page. content is the list of objects containing the graphical content stream (see the Pdfpages module), mediabox the page size, resources the page's resource dictionary, rotate its rotation and rest any other entries to reside in the page dictionary.

val blankpage : Pdfpaper.t -> t

Create a page with empty content, media box from the given paper size, empty resources, zero rotation and no extra dictionary entries.

val custompage : Pdf.pdfobject -> t

The same, but given a page size rectangle.

val pages_of_pagetree : Pdf.t -> t list

Extract the page tree from a PDF document and parse it to a list of page objects. Owing to the rest entry in the page type, no information is lost.

val add_pagetree : t list -> Pdf.t -> Pdf.t * int

Build a page tree from a list of pages and install it in the given PDF document. The resultant document and the number of the new page root object are returned. If the document already contains a page root, it is overwritten but is not garbage collected.

val add_root : int -> (string * Pdf.pdfobject) list -> Pdf.t -> Pdf.t

Given the page root number (for instance that returned by add_pagetree), any specific extra dictionary entries and a PDF document, build a document root. Returns the new document. If a root exists, it is overwritten but is not garbage collected.

val endpage : Pdf.t -> int

Number of pages in a document, faster than reading the pages and counting.

val page_object_number : Pdf.t -> int -> int option

Find a page indirect from the page tree of a document, given a page number.

Compound operations

val renumber_pages : Pdf.t -> t list -> t list

Rename the resources within a number of page resource dictionaries and contents, so as to allow them to be merged without name clashes.

val change_pages : ?matrices:(int * Pdftransform.transform_matrix) list ->
?changes:(int * int) list -> bool -> Pdf.t -> t list -> Pdf.t

Change the pages in a document for some new ones. If the boolean is true and the number of pages in the old and new documents are equal (or ~changes, a list of (from, to) page nummber changes, is provided), references to the old pages from outside the page tree (for instance in destinations or bookmarks) are renumbered. This ensures bookmarks are preserved correctly. A list of (page number, matrix) pairs may also be supplied if the boolean is true and the number of old and new pages are equal. This allows transformed pages (e.g scaled) to have their bookmark destionations pointed at correctly.

val pdf_of_pages : ?retain_numbering:bool -> Pdf.t -> int list -> Pdf.t

Return a pdf with a subset of pages, but nothing else changed - exactly the same page object numbers, so bookmarks etc still work. Also sorts out bookmarks so only those in the range are kept.


val rectangle_of_paper : Pdfpaper.t -> Pdf.pdfobject

Make a PDF rectangle from a Paper.papersize.

val shortest_unused_prefix : Pdf.t -> string

Find the shortest lower-case alphabetic string which is not a prefix of any name in /Resources. This prefix can be added to the other PDF's names, and will never clash with any of these.

val add_prefix : Pdf.t -> string -> unit

For every page in the PDF, add the prefix to any name in /Resources and add the prefix to any name used in any content streams.

val protect : Pdfops.t list -> Pdfops.t list

Calling protect pdf add stack operators to a pre-ISO content stream to ensure it is composeable.

val prepend_operators : Pdf.t -> Pdfops.t list -> ?fast:bool -> t -> t

Add operators to the beginning of a page. If fast is set (default false), don't check for mismatched stack operators.

val postpend_operators : Pdf.t -> Pdfops.t list -> ?fast:bool -> t -> t

Add operators to the end of a page. If fast is set (default false), don't check for mismatched stack operators.

val pagenumber_of_target : ?fastrefnums:(int, int) Stdlib.Hashtbl.t -> Pdf.t -> Pdfdest.t -> int

Return a page number given a destination. Supply fastrefnums from a previous call to Pdf.page_reference_numbers to speed things up.

val target_of_pagenumber : Pdf.t -> int -> Pdfdest.t

Build a basic Fit destintation from a page number of a PDF.

val minimum_valid_pdf : unit -> Pdf.t

Generate a PDF file with a single A4 page. Unlike Pdf.empty it is a fully valid PDF.