Module Pdfcryptprimitives

module Pdfcryptprimitives: sig .. end

Generic encryption primitives for ARC4, AES and the SHA family of digests

val crypt : int array -> Pdfio.bytes -> Pdfio.bytes

ARC4 encryption (40 bit and 128 bit) given a key and some data

val aes_decrypt_data : ?remove_padding:bool -> int -> int array -> Pdfio.bytes -> Pdfio.bytes

aes_decrypt_data nk key data decrypts AES data for the given key length, key, and data. If remove_padding is true (which it is by default), padding wil be removed from the output

val aes_decrypt_data_ecb : ?remove_padding:bool -> int -> int array -> Pdfio.bytes -> Pdfio.bytes

As aes_decrypt_data above, but in ECB instead of CBC mode

val aes_encrypt_data : ?firstblock:int array -> int -> int array -> Pdfio.bytes -> Pdfio.bytes

aes_encrypt_data nk key data encryptes with AES, given a key length, key and data. The first block (by default a random one) can be overridden by specifying firstblock, an array of length 16.

val aes_encrypt_data_ecb : int -> int array -> Pdfio.bytes -> Pdfio.bytes

As aes_encrypt_data, but in ECB instead of CBC mode

val sha256 : Pdfio.input -> string

SHA256 digest

val sha384 : Pdfio.input -> string

SHA344 digest

val sha512 : Pdfio.input -> string

SHA512 digest

type encryption = 
| ARC4 of int * int
| AESV3 of bool (*

true = iso, false = old algorithm


Types of encryption

val find_hash : encryption ->
int32 -> int32 -> int array -> int -> int array

Given an object number, generation number, input key and key length in bits, apply Algorithm 3.1 from the PDF Reference manual to obtain the hash to be used by the encryption function.

val decrypt_stream_data : encryption ->
bool ->
string option ->
int -> int -> int array -> int -> int -> Pdfio.bytes -> Pdfio.bytes

Calling decrypt_stream_data crypt_type encrypt file_encryption_key obj gen key keylength r data decrypts data.