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2nd March 2024PDF Command Line Tools 2.7 available
26th July 2023PDF Command Line Tools 2.6 available
22nd August 2022Coherentpdf.js: a PDF API for Node.js and the browser
22nd January 2022PDF Command Line Tools and C/C++/Python/.NET/Java API 2.5 available
6th July 2021PDF C/C++ API 2.4 available
23th June 2021PDF Command Line Tools 2.4 available
14th September 2019PDF Command Line Tools 2.3 available
3rd March 2017PDF Command Line Tools 2.2 available
1st December 2014PDF Command Line Tools 2.1 available
10th June 2013New Book: Ocaml from the Very Beginning
10th December 2012Proview PDF Editor 1.5 - What's new?
10th December 2011New Book: PDF Explained
17th March 2011PDF Command Line Tools 1.6 Released
10th December 2010CPDFTK: Supported, Faster PDFTK
15th March 2010CamlPDF 0.5 Released
4th March 2010PDF Command Line Tools 1.5 Released
10th February 2010Proview Mac PDF Editor Released
27th March 2009Blog: A Caml Interface for the General Polygon Clipper
20th January 2009Blog: CamlPDF Version 0.4
3rd January 2009Coherent PDF Command Line Tools 1.4 Released
1st January 2009Coherent PDF Toolkit .NET SDK Launched
26th September 2008PDF Command Line Tools Version 1.3 Released
2nd September 2008Blog: Building Cpdf into a .NET library
4th July 2008Blog: Compiling code under OCaml and F Sharp (Part Two)
29th June 2008Blog: Books for the PDF Developer
24th June 2008Blog: Compiling code under OCaml and F Sharp
12th April 2008PDF Command Line Tools Version 1.1 Released
4th April 2008Blog: Storing Colours in 31 bits
4th March 2008Blog: CamlPDF 0.3 Released
18th October 2007PDF Command Line Tools Released for Windows, Mac and Linux


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