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Coherent PDF Java API Usage Example

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Here are some examples of the Coherent PDF .NET API in action. For more instructions, see the Full PDF Manual.

//Merge example
import com.coherentpdf.Jcpdf

public static void main(String[] args)
   // Initialise cpdf
   Jcpdf jcpdf = new Jcpdf();
   catch (Jcpdf.CpdfError e)
     System.out.println("Error during cpdf startup");
   // We will take the input hello.pdf and repeat it three times
   try (Jcpdf.Pdf mergepdf = jcpdf.fromFile("hello.pdf", ""))
     // The array of PDFs to merge
     Jcpdf.Pdf[] pdfs = {mergepdf, mergepdf, mergepdf};
     // Merge them
     Jcpdf.Pdf merged = jcpdf.mergeSimple(pdfs);
     // Write output
     jcpdf.toFile(merged, "merged.pdf", false, false);
     // Dispose of merged PDF
   catch (Jcpdf.CpdfError e)
     System.out.println("Error during cpdf operation");

In Java, read the file hello.pdf and triplicate it, writing to merged.pdf