Module Pdfstandard14

module Pdfstandard14: sig .. end

Standard PDF Fonts

val textwidth : bool -> Pdftext.encoding -> Pdftext.standard_font -> string -> int

Calculate the width, in millipoints, of a string in the given font, taking into account kerning if the first argument is true.

val baseline_adjustment : Pdftext.standard_font -> int

The appropriate amount to subtract from the y-coordinate of a 1pt text line to place it vertically centered around the y coordinate, rather than with the baseline at that y coordinate.

val afm_data : Pdftext.standard_font ->
(string, string) Stdlib.Hashtbl.t * (int, int) Stdlib.Hashtbl.t *
(int * int, int) Stdlib.Hashtbl.t * (string, int) Stdlib.Hashtbl.t

The data extracted from the font AFM. This is a 4-tuple, consisting of a table of header pairs, a table of (character number, width) pairs, a table of (first, second, kern) triples representing the kerning table and a table of (character name, width) pairs. The last table is useful for characters which are identified with a custom encoding and which might not be assigned a number in the standard encoding.

val stemv_of_standard_font : Pdftext.standard_font -> int

Return a suitable StemV value for a standard font

val flags_of_standard_font : Pdftext.standard_font -> int

Return a suitable flags value for a standard font