Module Pdfmerge

module Pdfmerge: sig .. end

Merge PDF files

val merge_pdfs : bool -> bool -> string list -> Pdf.t list -> int list list -> Pdf.t

Merge PDF files. merge_pdfs retain_numbering remove_duplicate_fonts names pdfs ranges will merge the given PDFs. if retain_numbering is true, page labels are retained. If remove_duplicate_fonts is true, duplicate fonts are detected and coalesced. names is a list of strings the same length as the list of PDFs. Equal names imply equal PDFs (for efficiency). ranges is a list of page ranges. A page range is a list of pages to select, in order. For example [1] or [2; 2; 2; 5; 6; 7].

val remove_duplicate_fonts : Pdf.t -> unit

Remove duplicate fonts from a PDF. For example, if it was created by merging several documents from the same source.