Module Pdfflate

module Pdfflate: sig .. end

Interface to miniz.c via Zlib-like functions

This is very slightly modified from Leroy's CamlZip.

exception Error of string * string

Raised on an error in either compression or decompression.

val compress : ?level:int ->
?header:bool -> (bytes -> int) -> (bytes -> int -> unit) -> unit

Compress data. The string -> int function is an input: given a buffer, it writes some data to it, returning the number of bytes written. The string -> int -> unit function is an output: giving a buffer and a number of compressed bytes written. The optional argument level gives the zlib compression level (the default is 6). The optional argument header will, if true, output a zlib header (the default is true).

val uncompress : ?header:bool -> (bytes -> int) -> (bytes -> int -> unit) -> unit

Uncompress data. The input and output functions are as described for compress. If header is true, a zlib header is expected (the default is true).