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Coherent PDF Lossless PDF Compressor saves space without compromising on quality or standards-compliance.

Supplied with a comprehensive manual.

Smaller PDF Files Without Compromise

The Coherent Lossless PDF Compressor performs rearrangements and optimisations of the existing structure of a PDF file to reduce its size. Reductions range from none to 80% in tests. The reduction depends on how the file was produced, and what it contains. It works best on files with text and vector content, rather than bitmap scans.

Unlike other PDF compressors, Lossless PDF Compressor:

  • will not resample, reduce, or alter your images in any way
  • will not prevent your PDF file from being edited afterward
  • will not remove bookmarks, outlines, or other metadata

Lossless PDF Compressor preserves your document entirely, and conforms to the Adobe/ISO specification for PDF.

Product Details

  • Command Line Tools For Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/x86 and Linux/x86-64 (other platforms by request)
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Generous discounts on multiple, server or developer licenses.

For payment by invoice, please contact us using the form below.


These evaluation copies are fully functional, but mark PDF files as having been processed by an unlicensed copy of the compressor.

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A single license of Coherent Lossless PDF Compressor for any operating system may be purchased online by clicking below. For multiple copies at discount rates, please contact us using the form below.

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smpdf ISO.pdf -o out.pdf
Initial file size is 7731261 bytes
Beginning squeeze: 14499 objects
Squeezing... Down to 10435 objects
Squeezing... Down to 9826 objects
Squeezing page data and xobjects
Recompressing document
Final file size is 5178001 bytes, 66.97% of original.

— Adobe's Own PDF Standards Document

smpdf pdfs/word.pdf -o out.pdf
Initial file size is 428311 bytes
Beginning squeeze: 2003 objects
Squeezing... Down to 1952 objects
Squeezing page data and xobjects
Recompressing document
Final file size is 312237 bytes, 72.90% of original.

— Microsoft Word file exported as PDF

smpdf pdfs/indesign.pdf -o out.pdf
Initial file size is 7342131 bytes
Beginning squeeze: 3448 objects
Squeezing... Down to 2318 objects
Squeezing... Down to 2251 objects
Squeezing page data and xobjects
Recompressing document
Final file size is 2990440 bytes, 40.73% of original.

— PDF from Adobe InDesign 6.0

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